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Albarella - hotel, apartments, villas

Albarella  - hotel, apartments, villas

Country: Italy

City: City

Resolt: Kurort

The island is immersed in the unspoilt nature of the Northern Adriatic and offers many places to discover, outdoor activities and Italian flavours.
Explore the intensity of unique natural environments on horseback or by boat. Take part in vigorous sports on a golf course or tennis court. Enjoy Italian and regional Veneto cuisine ranging from game to seafood specialities, all accompanied by the best Veneto wines. These are just some of the treasures offered by this island dedicated to rediscovering the quality of life.
Wake up in the morning in a peaceful and colourful apartment, refresh yourself in the swimming pool at your villa after a walk or tell your friends all about the herons you saw in the peaceful atmosphere of the garden of your terraced house. We have built different apartments, residences and villas to satisfy your need for peace and quiet in close contact with nature.
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